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General posting
Sun Feb 22, 2009 3:09 pm by Eeems
lol! This is the first post of the new forum

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Fleet status: 80% complete

Grey.Fox+ 100% complete

Grey.Fox Flipper 100% complete

Blend3D  5% complete (Finalizing rendering Engine)

2D Life Game 10% complete (Finalizing  algorithms)


Fleet status 80% (beta 2)

Recently beta 2 has been released on Cemetech under the beta's section.

Fleet is a strategy game modeled after Hegemony. Fleet is being parsed with Grey.Fox+ v1.3.7. The object of the game is to completely wipe out the AI and take over the solar system.

Fleet's release has run into some issues and may be released a few days late


Grey.Fox+ status 100% (v1.3.7) Download

::Grey.Fox Flipper::

Grey.Fox+ Flipper status 100% complete (unreleased)

Grey.Fox+ Flipper is a program designed to allow you to make "include" files for Grey.Fox+ v1.3.7 and up. It will take the input file and completely flip the program then restore the line to its original form. This makes "include files easyer to make because you don't have to flip it by hand. this project has not been released yet, but Eeems plans to release it soon.


Blend3D 5% (finalizing rendering engine)

Blend3D is a 3D development studio like blender 3D for the ti-83+

Blend3D has no finalized aspects as of yet, but in the near future look for new additions to this project.


2D LIFE GAME is a rendition of Conway's   game of life written completely in basic. So far there is some problems with the generation on/off algorithm but I can't figure it out, but it displays it on the graph screen and lets you know how far along it is in its loading processes.

02/20/09 First successful  Glider test

02/21/09 successful gospers gun test 

::Basic 3D::by Will West::
A 3D modeling package for the TI - 83 +
It is modular, and has all sorts of interchangeable parts, so it is pretty flexible.
I made this with the hopes that people would make their own parts to suit their needs.

basic3d - 39157496basic3d - 39157496basic3d - 39157496
Download it at Revsoft or ticalc:
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